7 Ways To Survive Sorority Recruitment

Ah, rush. The week college girls call heaven and hell. Whether it’s in the fall or in the spring, you’re probably stressing about deciding to rush or how it’s going to go for you. Getting into a sorority may seem like it will make or break you, but it’s really a perfect opportunity to show how fabulous you are, and to make this one-of-a-kind, major decision on your own.
We’ve all heard of the bad rap sororities get as betchy girls that love to party and spend money. Yes, it requires dues and time for social events; but it also requires dedication, and it gives you the chance to meet new people, volunteer, and act as sisters to those in your sorority. Your sorority will allow you to have leadership positions, community service opportunities, networking prospects, an entire new branch of friendships, and in some cases, scholarships.
Have no fear – for I’ve devised a brief list of things that may better prepare you for the process.

1. Prepare your outfits ahead of time.

I promise you, you do not want to be stressing about what you’re wearing the morning of. Plus, you’ll have time to determine if your outfit is appropriate or not for the dress code of that day. Don’t just wear what everyone else is wearing. Wear something that expresses your personal style. You’re going to join a sorority based on where you feel most comfortable, so start by walking into the house feeling that way.

2. Don’t think of it as an interview.

Recruitment conversations aren’t meant to impress the older girls, they’re meant for you to connect with them. Ask questions and engage. Try not to get too comfortable – as in don’t straight up ask how much they drink every weekend, or tell them that you’ve hooked up with one of their sister’s ex-boyfriends. If you’re super nervous, tell them. They’ve been prepping for this week forever and will know exactly what to say to calm you down. You can ask them about their experiences with their sorority, and compare it to what you want from sorority life. As cliché as it is, you really just have to try to be yourself.

3. EAT (and drink water).

I am the biggest advocate of eating before any stressful event. You may not feel hungry if you’re nervous, but you don’t want to be grumpy or even faint while in a house. Trust me, girls have passed out before, and it’s certainly memorable — but not in a good way.
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4. Bring your own touch up kit.

Different schools have different policies for purses and such, but you should be able to bring a bag with you for breaks. Stock your bag with lip gloss, makeup, fashion tape, snacks, Advil, tissues, tampons, mints, etc. A girl can never be too prepared.

5. Keep all your recruitment secrets to yourself.

You really aren’t supposed to talk about what goes on during rush with your friends, but let’s be real — you do. Try not to share with too many people how your experience is going. If you want to tell your best friend, sure. Your mom, totally. It really can stress you out and complicate things if people are gossiping about what houses you’re going to, or which ones you like and dislike. During recruitment, you don’t want houses to hear that you’re vocalizing your opinions about them to everyone, because you never know where you’ll end up.

6. Make a decision based on what YOU want.

Don’t pick a house just because that’s where all your friends are going. You will make new friends regardless of what house you choose, and the point of sororities is really to branch out. If you’re a legacy, you may have some pressure to join that certain sorority, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose it if you don’t see yourself there. Be a little selfish and put yourself first. This process is about you and your next few years in college.

7. Relax, you’re going to be fine.

If it doesn’t work out, or you feel like sororities aren’t your thing, it’s not the end of the world. Part of recruitment is figuring out what you want out of your college experience. Don’t freak out, because you’re an independent woman who’s attending college and wants to make a life for herself. Be Beyoncé.
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Don’t be afraid to reach out to older girls about recruitment. They’ve been through the process at your school before, and they can give you great advice. They won’t think you’re trying to sneak some pre-rush shenanigans in; they really want you to be comfortable during the process.
Stroll into each house with every intention of meeting some fantastic girls, and show them that you’re ready to have a kick ass recruitment experience. If millions of women have been able to do it, you sure as hell can, too.
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