Ranking the 10 Weepiest Boy Meets World Episodes

It’s day two of our countdown to the Boy Meets World reunion (on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World), and we’re looking at the saddest episodes ever, full of Shawn being tortured, Cory and Topanga being pulled apart, and a healthy dose of very special episodes. Enjoy (as much as you can).
10. “Turkey Day”
The kids dinner is super sweet, but the Matthews adults are uncharacteristically jerks. Not cool.
9. “Everybody Loves Stewart”
Just enough pathos to distract viewers from saying, gee, that teacher looks a whole lot like Cory.
8. “Family Trees”
Why do you tease us, Boy Meets World writers? Yes, you don’t have to officially be family to be family is one of the show’s constant themes, but it would have been so sweet and fitting for Shawn to become an official Matthews.
7. “A Long Walk to Pittsburg”
Basically BMW “she got off the plane.” Plus, so much adorable adolescent romance. In the rain!
6. “Dangerous Secret”
This very special episode highlights some of the first incidents of Shawn, soulful teen protector. Plus, “why did he have me,” is completely heartbreaking.
5. “Seven the Hard Way”
Even a fantasy world where Shawn and Cory aren’t best friends forever is too much to handle.
4. “Brave New World”
He loves them all! *cries quietly in a corner.”
3. “Cult Fiction”
It’s not if this one will get you to cry, it’s what line will set you over the edge. Will it be “This is a hug,” “Don’t shut me out God,” or my favorite Mr. Feeny’s “You can’t have Shawn.”
2. “Resurrection”
There’s really never going to be a situation when talking to a tiny baby fighting for its life isn’t going to be horribly, terribly sad.
1. “We’ll Have a Good Time Then”
The death isn’t even the saddest part. It’s Shawn’s speech. Okay, yeah the death is sad too.
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