10 of Miley’s Weirdest Instagram Photos

The other day I was browsing Instagram when I suddenly stopped and asked myself, “Am I tripping on acid?” But the answer was no, I was just looking at Miley Cyrus’ photos. The singer has been posting the weirdest, most bizarre photos of herself lately and I’m struggling to figure out what kind of drug causes a person to photoshop their own head onto a bee’s body.

We might have to chalk this one up to Miley just being Miley, but I’d really appreciate it if someone could find out WTF is going on.

Check out some of her other gems here:

Oh ya know, just Miley the monkey hanging with her bananas.

miley cyrus photoshop

 Miley + Elvis =BFF

miley cyrus photos

 Yay. Pizza.

miley cyrus pizza

Oh look, it’s baby Miley hugging a plant shaped like a giant penis!

photos of miley cyrus

Here we have Miley in a man’s body holding a pizza.

pizza funny


baby miley

There appears to be a theme here with pizza…

miley cyrus instagram

Kim K spends some quality time with baby Miley.

kim kardashian instagram

And then Miley & Elvis got married. The end.



[Lead image via Instagram]

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