Parks & Rec Is Returning With 100% More J. Lo

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Parks and Recreation is finally returning, with one major addition. When the seventh and final season premieres on January 13th, they’ll have Jennifer Lopez (and her booty) with them. As a Parks and Recreation super fan (I did come in third place at trivia), I’m counting down the days until the seventh season is here already. I only hope they don’t announce a surprise appearance by Iggy Azalea.

If you were looking forward to hours of Parks fun for your binge-watching pleasure, you’re in luck. The show’s going to be absolutely stacked, running back to back episodes weekly until February 24th. (A binge watching extravaganza sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.) While this might seem like good news because millennials live for instant gratification, it might mean that NBC is a little bit embarrassed of this season, which they’ve treated like a red headed step child from the beginning. If this 13 episode season disappoints, it will be worse than the Pawnee/Eagleton merger. I guess they needed room for more incredible shows like Bad Judge and A to Z.

Jenny from the block will be playing the “hot nanny” caring for the triplets, so it sounds like Ben and Leslie better watch out. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether or not Lopez will be bringing back her classic Juicy sweatsuit, or if she’ll be bringing P. Diddy with her.

The new season is taking us to the year 2017 (can’t wait to see the future in Pawnee). Other guest stars will be Rachel Dratch (everyone’s favorite 30 Rock character actress), Jon Hamm (we caught a glimpse of him in the finale), Megan Mullally (Tammy 2), and Natalie Morales (Tom’s ex). This is shaping up to be the best Parks and Rec season ever, and I can’t wait to see exactly how obsessed with J.Lo Tom will be.

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