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12 Awesome Stocking Stuffers Every Fabulous Girl Needs


xmas gifts

(This May Be Vodka mug — $15,

Holiday shopping can be stressful but NOT if you’re insanely fabulous (which duh, you’re reading this site, so you are.) It’s not like you’re going to be buying stocking stuffers for yourself, but maybe you can send this list to your mom/best friend/boyfriend/creepy RA that has a crush on you? Or, you could always make a Pinterest list that you accidentally send everyone you’ve ever met (we’re not judging you.)

You’re welcome.

Can’t Even socks — $12.95,

can't even socks victoria's secret

 Sass hat — $12.00, Kiss My Southern Sass

kiss my southern sass

Call Me Maybe iPhone 4 case — $.99, Kiss My Southern Sass

kiss my southern sass call me maybe

  You’re Like, Really Pretty mug — $16,

xmas gifts

Hot pink day planner — $28,

lilly pulitzer planner

Harvard Law Just Kidding tank — $19.99,

harvard law tank

I’ve Been Know to Flash People tank — $19.99,

flashing people

More Issues Than Vogue tank — $13,

more issues than vogue

Feed Me  & Tell Me I’m Pretty tank, $24.99,

 feed me & tell me i'm pretty

 You Had Me At Merlot wine glass — $8,

you had me at merlot

I Miss TRL — $18,


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