10 Reasons the Original Boy Meets World Morgan is the Morgan

Lily Nicksay

Much like the Highlander, there can be only one true Boy Meets World Morgan. Cory’s little sister was originally played by Lily Nicksay, then replaced in the third season by Lindsay Rideway. Like the second Dumbledore, Rideway was a fine Morgan, but never matched her predecessor’s greatness (sorry Michael Gambon). ¬†With just two days until the BMW reunion lets remember the age of the original, and best, Morgan.

1. She had a knack for hyperbole.

Boy Meets World Morgan

2. She was always willing to make room for her brothers.

Boy Meets World Cory

3. She was obviously a sitcom savant.

Boy Meets World Full House BMW Morgan

4. She made classic songs her own.

Morgan Boy Meets World

5. She was into zombies before they were cool.

Boy Meets World zombie

6. She was just generally adorable.

Boy Meets World reunion

7. She wasn’t afraid to be blunt.

Boy Meets World Morgan

8. She was very creative with her toys.

Lily Nicksay

9. She welcomed everyone to her tea party.

Boy Meets World Mr. Feeny

10. She knew how to make an exit.

Boy Meets World Morgan
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