5 Ways To Wear This Super Affordable Dress

Once in a while you come across an item that’s so incredibly versatile that you just have to grab it – and if that versatile item happens to be super cheap, well, that just makes it that much better.
This faux leather dress can be found for a great price at Old Navy and is super chic on its own and can be styled in so many different ways, all equally stylish. It’s a basic but it’s an exciting basic – a piece that blends super simple elements (standard body con fit, allover black shade) with interesting touches (faux leather finish, flattering panel details.) This dress would be an excellent addition to your wardrobe because it’s one of those items that can become a go-to when you need something to wear for a night out. It’s also perfect for holiday parties and today we’re showing you five different ways to style it.

Women's Faux-Leather-Front Ponte-Knit Dresses - Black1. Holiday Glam

Keep it simple – this black dress, a pair of sky-high black pumps, a slim black clutch – and then take it up a notch by adding a pair of super glam earrings (I would suggest avoiding a heavy necklace as it might look tacky against the leather finish of the dress.) This is just such a clean yet edgy look that’s perfect for the night and so easy to put to together. The best part? You probably have all these other items in your closet already.

2. Street Chic

Toss an oversized button-down over the dress and pair it with some slouchy casual boots. If it ever gets warm again you can totally wear this during the day – a perfect outfit to wear to Sunday funday or while on vacation. The leather finish of the dress will kick it up a few notches while the easy shape of an oversized flannel or chambray shirt (you can totally borrow this from your boyfriend) keeps it effortless. Try borrowing your guy’s shirt after spending the night at his place post-night-out. It’ll save you a trip home to change!

3. Edgy

Pair your dress with a fun moto jacket (I would suggest avoiding a leather jacket but who knows? Maybe you can make leather-on-leather look insanely cool.) Add some cool ankle booties and a cool bag and you’re good to go. I love this look because it takes away from that overtly sexy feel of the dress.

4. Polished

Give this dress a classy edge by topping it off with a nice boyfriend blazer. You could go classic by keeping the blazer black or add a fun touch by wearing a colored or printed blazer – how cute would a black-and-white striped boyfriend blazer look over this? You can go with a cool pair of flats or a demure heel. This could make a great look for a first date since it’s just the right amount of sexy.

5. Cool & Trendy

Turn this dress into a skirt by wearing a big sweater or sweatshirt over it. No one will be able to tell it’s actually a dress and if you pair the outfit with some cool fashion sneakers, you’ve got the perfect amount of tomboy chic, a look that is so on trend right now.
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