Your Official Finals Week Drinking Game

If college teaches you anything, it’s that Murphy’s Law definitely exists.
On those days when you actually manage to wear something that isn’t norts and a t-shirt, you see absolutely no one that you know on campus. But when you’ve still got last night’s mascara under your eyes? Of course you run into every boy you’ve ever dated, flirted with, or completely embarrassed yourself in front of. This phenomenon kicks into high gear during the end of the semester when the entire student population congregates in the library like one big awkward family.
This doesn’t necessarily have to be a nightmare, because like any bad awards show or endless sporting event, it’s infinitely better as a drinking game. Keep track using my meticulously crafted point system. At the end of the semester, the loser buys the first round of post-finals happy hour drinks, which means that everyone wins. Really looking to go rogue in the library? Change the point system to shots, and you’ll be blotto before you know it.
Word to the wise: I like to channel everyone’s favorite animate fish and just keep swimming when you’re stuck in a endlessly long walkway full of cubicles heading towards the last person you wanted to see.
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1. The One You Knew Freshman Year

Sometimes it’s just easier to pretend that your freshman self was an entirely different person—one who loved drunk texting and hadn’t yet discovered that wine is always preferable to cheap vodka. This boy inevitably saw you puke on your shoes and knew you in the days when you thought securing your ID in your school-provided lanyard was the height of college fashion.
+1 point if you redeem yourself in front of him, -1 point if you trip, make an odd noise, or otherwise continue to embarrass yourself.

2. The One Who Broke Your Best Friend’s Heart

This guy is the absolute worst. You could spend your precious study time coming up with a list of all the ways he wronged your friend, or you could ignore him just like he deserves.
+1 point if you shoot lazer eyes at his back while he studies for whatever BS class he’s currently enrolled in, -1 point if you accidentally berate him on the quiet floor, no one wants to be that girl (especially during finals).

3. The One You Actually Want to See

As luck would have it, you never ever see him. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and now your low key crush has developed into an overwhelming desire to spontaneously happen to run in to him in the library.
+1 point if you manage to strike up a normal conversation with him, -1 point if you panic and run away the moment you spot him across the room.

4. The One You’re Trying to Forget About

Of course this boy is always around to remind you of his existence when you’re looking up the latest Scandal spoilers or online shopping for granny panties when you should be studying.
+1 point if you manage to avoid eye contact entirely, -1 point if you run smack in to him during your mid-day coffee run.

5. The One You’d Rather Avoid

He’s either trying to get his hands on you or your latest perfect study guide. Whatever the case may be, this kid always pops up when you have no one to awkwardly make conversation with and pretend not to see him. Your phone will be your savior in this situation.
+1 point if you manage slip away from him without tripping on someone’s backpack, -1 point if you accidently activate Siri when you’re pretending to text.

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