10 Things Girls Need to Stop Doing Now

As girls, we can be super annoying. We sometimes do a lot of stupid things (although I will say we’re still always right). Honestly, there are just some things that as girls, we can’t do – especially at this age. So save yourself – if you check a few of these off, let’s practice putting them to an end now.

1. “I’m Drinking Illegally!” Pictures

Especially the ones where you’re chugging a handle and put it on Facebook. Your future bosses will just love those!

2. Your and You’re

If you’RE reading this you’RE probably in college, and youR parents would really appreciate youR efforts to fix this grammar issue by now.

3. Dragging Your Feet

Does that noise not bother you? Don’t your legs need to move in full motion? Do you really want to walk around looking like you’ve got something in your ass?

4. Countless Solo Shots on Social Media

We get it, you’ve got a rockin’ bod. We can deal with a picture of you in a swimsuit every now and then, but if that’s all I see on all your social media, I’m immediately irritated by you. Plus, who is even taking all these pictures of you?

5. “Accidentally” Making Your Snapchat Story Cleavage City

Damn, I can’t believe I did that! That’s soooooo embarrassing!!! Clumsy me!

6. Wearing the Wrong Undergarments

“I just threw this on – I didn’t even think that my bra would be showing!” No you didn’t, you know your shirt is white and your bra is neon pink lace. We know you wanted people to notice your bra.

7. “Literally, I honestly cannot even right now! Like stop!”

This kind of talk has just turned into a joke at this point. So, let’s figuratively not even right now.

8. Thinking You Can Fool Anyone with Photoshop

I’m not going to accuse you for fixing the bags under your eyes, but if you make yourself 10x skinner and the background is blurred – who do you think you’re fooling?

9. Myspace Mirror Pictures

We’ve all had a phase of mirror pics, but it’s almost 2015, and you have the capability to fix the lighting on your picture to not have a flash.

10. Strolling Around Campus Half Naked

Wear dresses to class, be my guest. But if your backpack is lifting it up and I can see your ass, just take two seconds to fix it. Please. Same thing with shorts. You might think guys are happy to see that, but in reality, every one of them has already taken a picture of you from behind.
So ladies, let’s keep it classy, make good first impressions, and not be oblivious about social media. We’re old and unfortunately have to start getting our shit together.
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