The Top 10 Minor Characters on Boy Meets World

Just one more day until Shawn, Cory and Topanga are back together, but in the mean time let’s look beyond the fabulous three-some at some of the less visible but still valuable players. There were girlfriends and bullies, well-known stars and unfamiliar faces. But they always got some of BMW’s best lines.

1. Millie (Candace Cameron Bure)

Candace Cameron Bure

DJ Tanner watched The Craft one too many times and tried to use the Hunter boys to achieve immortality. Also, good use of wordplay with the whole “sacrifice a hunter” loophole.

2. Griff Hawkins (Adam Scott)

Adam Scott
I can’t handle this picture of baby Adam Scott as John Adam’s second tough guy. He looks like a human ken doll, but younger. I would have totally given him my lunch money.

3. Dana Pruitt (Larisa Oleynik)

Larisa Oleynik
Shawn made a winter picnic for them! It was adorable! Then she make a delightful return as a member of the girl gang of exes that kidnapped him on Valentine’s Day.

4. Jennifer Love Fefferman (Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Poor, poor Feffy didn’t stand a chance against the slasher monster (who was actually Shawn).

5.  Dean Lila Bolander (Bonnie Barlett)

Bonnie Barlett

This dean knew how to lay down the law. And she’s Feeny’s wife IRL.

6.  Janitor Bud (Bob Larkin)

Bob Larkin

The perfect ’90s curmudgeon.

7. Trini (Brittany Murphy)

Brittany Murphy
Clueless era Brittany Murphy played a crucial part in the renaissance of Cory and Topanga (who has been on a break for most of elementary school).

8. Jessica (Kerri Russel)

Kerri Russel

Those jeans. Also a good reminder Feeny had family (other than the Matthews).

9. Corinna (Leisha Hailey)


The classic Boy Meets World song “Shallow Boy.” Kids, this is what female pop music was like in the ’90s.

10. Bernice Matthews (Rue McClanahan)

Rue McClanahan

Because the presence of Blanche makes every show better.

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