How To Live Your Life In Amy Poehler GIFs


Amy Poehler is a goddess. I firmly believe that whatever powers that exist beyond our mortal plane sent us this golden-haired, twinkly-eyed, cackling sprite as some sort of savior. But who knows. I’m not a priest.

But for reals, this woman has a lot of hilarious wisdom packed inside her tiny frame, and we’d all do well to take heed of some of her better words of advice.

Enter Each Day With Enthusiasm and Optimism


Highly recommended: flinging open your door each day and doing exactly this.

Keep Your Friends Close


 Nothing makes your life better than surrounding yourself with people that are just plain good to you. Just make sure you return the favor.


What do Hilary Clinton, Jennifer Lawrence, and your older sister all have in common? They’re all excellent role models. But it’s easy to get disheartened when you measure yourself against them. You’re you, and that’s awesome. Keep working hard and you’ll reach your goals. Trust.


It’s science! Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones (which come finals you’ll have plenty of!) and releases endorphins. Do it as often as possible.


Have Courage

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You Do You

Don’t give in to peer pressure! Always follow your inner compass.

Sometimes Things Won’t Go Your Way. It’s OK.


Ever work your butt off on a project that didn’t pan out the way you hoped? Guess what? So has everyone else worth knowing. Don’t let life’s little failures stop you cold–take the opportunity to reassess and look at the experience as a character-building moment.


Git It, Gurl

giphy (1)Hey, do you like a guy? Don’t wait for him to make the move–especially if it’s The Cloons. Sorry, Amal.


Party On, Dudes


Hey, you’re only young once. Grab a friend and get loud.

Ladies First


If a guy doesn’t want you hanging around your best girlfriends anymore, it may be time to say adios. As the Spice Girls once said: “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”


You’re Never Too Big To Apologize


You got in a fight with a Sister? Talk it out! And if you truly feel like you’re in the wrong, just say your sorry! Easy as that.

Stand By Your Convictions


But like, you should probably eat salad.

Take Some Risks


Take some risks every now and then–you’ll be shocked with what you’re capable of and bonus: you’ll banish a whole lot of fear.

Say Goodbye


Excuse us while we go get some dust out of our eyes while playing “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” on repeat.


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