What Happens When Girls Get Ready Together

The scene: a friend’s dorm room, your bedroom, or a hotel room. The characters: a group of friends greater than the room’s capacity. Clothes are flung everywhere. Makeup spread across the floor in front of a mirror. Drinks are being poured.
When girls are getting ready for a night out, some things happens that you won’t see or hear anywhere else. Here is a quick glimpse into that hectic hour (or two…or three).

Opinions Are Shared

No girl goes anywhere with a single outfit choice (unless it’s THE perfect dress she just bought the other day especially for this occasion). There are at least three different dress/shoes/jewelry combinations and the decision is too great to be made alone.
What you’ll hear: “Guys, I don’t know what to wear—classic black dress or cute pink? Do you think pink is too obnoxious? I want to stand out, but not in like, an annoying way.”

Everyone Will Change Outfits At Least Once

After everyone agrees the pink dress is definitely perfect and definitely not too obnoxious, she will put it on and everyone will ooh and ahh. Twenty minutes and three different shoe options later, she will flip out and put on the black dress.
What you’ll hear: “No, it’s too much. This black dress has never failed me.”

Compliments On Compliments On Compliments

It’s the number one unwritten rule of girls getting ready together that you have to tell everyone how great they look.
What you’ll hear: “You look so good, oh my God! Your hair is always perfect! You’re so skinny, shut up.”

The Bathroom: A High Traffic Area

Three girls in front of the mirror working on their hair and makeup won’t stop another from coming in and using the bathroom. Also, the straightener to girl ratio is 1 to 1, so forget about charging your phone before heading out.
What you’ll hear: “Are you done with your straightener? Can I plug mine in?”

Drinking Will Commence Early

Doing makeup sober might be the logical thing to do, but that would be too easy. Most ladies are a few shots deep while they’re applying that liquid eyeliner—a true challenge.
What you’ll hear: “Crap—does anyone have a makeup removal wipe?!”

Tons of Pictures

With makeup and hair freshly done, we know we look good and we want to show it off. It’s time to send a few Snapchats out to a few guys we’ve been keeping on the back burner and upload a few pics to Instagram so everyone knows how much fun we’re having.
What you’ll hear: “Wait, redo that one, my arm was weird.”

Pump Up Talk

Every great night out begins with a pep talk about how much fun it will be. This is usually disguised as a toast before a shot of lukewarm, cheap vodka.
What you’ll hear: “Does everyone have a shot?! I effing love you guys! Tonight is going to be effing awesome because we are awesome and look soo good! Mel, WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A SHOT POURED. Here’s to us!”
It might sound a little scary…and it is. Guys: Do Not Disturb.
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