New Dream Job: Professional Snapchatter

You’ve heard of people getting famous for posting funny Vine videos, having a popular YouTube channel, or even having an incredible Instagram, but now Snapchat too? Turns out people like Shaun McBride, known on Snapchat as “Shonduras,” get paid big bucks to do awesome things and take some short-lived pics.
Shaun downloaded the app a little over a year ago so he could send pictures to his sisters while he traveled the country as a sales rep for snowboard and skateboard companies. His snaps often include his own fun illustrations, and people took notice. Brands like Disney and Taco Bell began approaching him to include their products in his pictures.
Shaun’s snapping has brought him to Disneyland, Disney World, Austin City Limits Music Festival and more in the past year alone. He has hundreds of thousands of followers and literally Snapchats full-time as a job now.
Excuse me while I go reevaluate my life choices.
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