These Are THE Most Insane Instagram Transformations

Bonito as “American Horror Story” character Ma Petite


There is a guy in Colorado who has been shutting it the hell down on Instagram. Jan Bonito is a makeup artist at Ergün Tercan European Salon in Denver and the man has been churning out some seriously fierce transformations.

He has a penchant for “American Horror Story” characters like Ma Petite and Marie Laveau, but he’s also crushed Lana Del Rey and Angelina Jolie as “Maleficent.” I just can’t get over how effectively he can change his features. It’s hard to believe this is all just makeup!


Bonito as Patti LaBelle’s “AHS: Freak Show” character Dora


As Dandy Mott from “AHS: Freak Show”


*~*will you still love him when he’s no longer young and beautiful?*~*


Frozen solid as Jack Nicholson’s character from “The Shining”


A very shy “Maleficent”


His third eye ain’t blind

Ugh, he’s just better than everyone at all the makeup.

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