10 Super Sparkly Holiday Essentials

You know what I love about the holiday season? You can wear as many sparkly, blinged out, sequined items as you want and no one is going to judge you. The holiday season is one confusing time – on the one hand, there’s so much joy happening all around you. On the other hand, the weather is nasty, you’re probably battling a nasty cold for most of it and you can’t help but feel a bit stressed out by all the commotion that’s happening all around you.
My solution? I wear sparkly things because they’re festive and also because no matter how tired/freezing/congested I am, sparkles make me happy. Chances are you’ll be going to tons of parties in the next few months and if there’s one word that describes what all holiday outfits should be, it’s this: Sparkly.
In light of the upcoming season, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite bright and shiny pieces from around the web. Getting yourself a Christmas present right now is totally okay, ladies.

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