9 Pre-Stylist Photos That Shows Celebs Weren't Always So Fabulous

Celebrities: They are so not just like us.
For one thing, they have tons of money. For another, they have glam squads. And rounding out the trifecta of reasonswhycelebritiesalwayslookperfect: Most of them have stylists.
It’s comforting to know that once upon a time most of the girls with seemingly innate senses of flawless style were once just like we were: Saddled with  unfortunate Abercromie and Fitch obsessions and very little fashion savvy. Unless you’re like, an Olsen twin, and were basically born with a tiny spotlight over your bald head, chances are you’ve had a few of your own fashion missteps. As our girl Kristin Cavallari pointed out, most 18 year olds have no real understanding of fashion. 
Of course, certain celebs still don’t have stylists, per se – Blake Lively has gone on record saying she doesn’t employ one, for example – but regular exposure to editorial closets, massive spending budgets and a permanent seat at the ‘It girl’ table are sometimes just as good. Let’s take a look at how some of the most stylish ladies in Hollywood (who, for the record, were all stunning and wonderful even when they were wearing Hollister miniskirts) before they hit it big.

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YouTube Star Connor Franta Comes Out
YouTube Star Connor Franta Comes Out
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