The 10 Best Christmas Movie Musical Moments


A Muppet Christmas Carol

There are only seventeen days until December 26th, when Christmas movies suddenly become more depressing than cheery. To organize and prioritize what Christmas movies you should be watching tonight, here are some of the best musical moments from your favorite holiday films.

1. Elf-“Baby Its Cold Outside”

A truly adorable take on the season’s creepiest song.


2. A Muppet Family Christmas-The Carol Sing

For those times you want all the songs and all the muppets. Plus “Old Friends” is one of the most underrated muppet songs.

3. Scrooge-“Thank You Very Much”

The best part of this number is watching people how have sung it in all sincerity for various occasions realize the original is sung while tap dancing on the subject’s coffin.


4. Love Actually-“Both Sides Now”

This is scene makes me angrier at Alan Rickman than any of the Harry Potter movies or Die Hard.


5. A Muppet Christmas Carol-“Bless Us All”

For some reason Tiny Tim is even more endearing when he’s a tiny frog.

6. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street-“Feliz Navidad”

7. White Christmas-“Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me”

Not the most festive number from this movie, but Rosemary Clooney’s performance, and dress, are both gorgeous.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas-“What’s This”

The Danny Elfman song that predates your Danny Elfman frustration.

9. The Grinch-“Where Are You Christmas”

Now that’s a look that could have worked on Gossip Girl.

10. The Christmas Toy-“Together at Christmas”

The ultimate forgotten Christmas movie, like a darker, more musical Toy Story.

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