YouTube Star Connor Franta Comes Out

Conor Franta has been vlogging since 2010, giving advice, creating funny videos and just sharing his life with the camera and his viewers. And today Franta let his over three million followers know something else about him: he’s gay. In an over six-minute video, Franta talks about realizing he was gay in 7th grade but struggling against his identity for fear of rejection during his teen years. Last year, after finally coming to terms with it himself he began to come out to his, turns out, very supportive family and friends. He explained that coming out online wasn’t just about him, but about everyone like him who might be looking online for support with coming to terms with their own sexuality or coming out process.

As Jezebel pointed out it has only been three years since Franta posted a video titled “Not Gay” in which¬†Franta felt it necessary to show off his video editing skills by adding a blinking arrow pointing to him saying “not gay” to silence any commenters who would take his positive review of Bridesmaids as proof Franta was a homosexual. It’s obvious he’s much more comfortable with who his is now, and is confident his fans, like his friends and family, will accept him too.

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