See What Your Favorite Disney Princesses Look Like As Victoria’s Secret Angels

Cosmo has brought has many magical moments over the years — from airplane reading that’s actually enjoyable to sex tips you’d be terrified to try — but this might be their best gift to society yet. There are many ways to prepare both mentally and physically for tonight’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. You could peruse pictures of their incredibly handsome significant others, start a diet that consists mainly of kale, air, and water, or you could look at these fabulous pictures of your favorite princesses dressed up like Angels. While they won’t ruin your childhood┬álike these naked Disney princes, they’re still far more revealing than their usual princess gowns. I sense the perfect theme for next year’s fashion show.

Illustrator Holly Shortall created these mind-boggling illustrations for Cosmo. Head over to her Instagram to see her other amazing images, from the Kardashian klan to Olivia Palermo’s wedding gown and Rihanna getting weird. Since the holiday season is coming up, my wish list will definitely include an illustration of my favorite celebrity — me.

[Images via Cosmo & Holly Shortall]

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