Zosia Mamet Went Grey, And More Twenty-Somethings Should Too

I found my first grey hair when I was twenty-two. Though years of rom-coms and dye commercials had taught me this would be an earth-shattering moment that would remind me of my mortality and could lead to a moment of temporary insanity when I would stick my head in a vat of retinol, I shrugged it off. And it’s not because I’m above vanity (years I’ve had prescription glass-ten, years I’ve worn them-zero) but because it’s super hard to worry about the march of time when you’re still living in a dorm, possibly clad in cartoon character pajamas. And that’s why I think Zosia Mamet (aka the most talkative of all the Girls) has the right idea , trying out the grey look in her mid-twenties. She doesn’t look aged, she looks edgy. No one will suggest her iron locks make her look more tired, she looks kind of like a barely aging fairy-rocker (I don’t know, that probably exists in a YA novel). Maybe if more young woman tried out grey hair before their hair actually went white, it would be less troubling for them when those bleached strand began to pop up, and it wouldn’t be such a big deal when older celebs like Jamie Lee Curtis ditched their dye to embrace their grey hair. You could at the very least rock a grey streak, it’d be very Disney villain.


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