5 Simple Style Upgrades To Try Right Now

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Let’s face it: It isn’t always easy to look cute when it’s cold outside. Sometimes a girl just wants to throw on some sweats, toss her hair into a messy bun and call it a day – but keep in mind that there isn’t really anything fashionable about rocking your boyfriend’s sweats to class for the third day in a row.
Luckily there are a few really simple swaps you can make in order to stay totally comfy while upgrading your look – I promise they’re all totally simple and painless, so go forth in style!
moto leggings

Instead of: Yoga pants

Try: Moto leggings

Yoga pants are a notorious college girl staple. Sure, they’re comfy….but let’s be real: They’re not the most original or fashion-forward item. You can still reap the comfort of that soft fabric and forgiving waistband while taking the stylishness of it up a few notches with some good moto leggings. This pair totally fits the bill.

Instead of: Uggs

Try: Equestrian boots

If it’s really snowing outside, wear whatever shoes will keep you warm and safe. But if the weather isn’t so bad, consider an upgrade! A good pair of knee-length riding boots adds instant elegance and polish to even a plain pair of jeans. I especially love a good brown pair in a rich, buttery leather, sort of like this pair.
cute outfit

Instead of: An oversized college hoodie

Try: A crewneck sweatshirt

Are you guys tired of me prattling on and on about the wonders of crewneck sweatshirts yet? I hope not ’cause this trend is here to stay. Swapping that tattered old sweatshirt for a cute, fitted, totally on-trend find will make a huge, huge, huge difference in your overall look.
bucket bag

Instead of: A backpack

Try: A cute tote bag

If you’re the sort of person who starts toting everything around when temperatures start falling, this one is for you. Instead of the backpack your lugged around in high school. consider upgrading to a cute tote bag that shows your personality, holds everything you need and adds to your outfit.
black jeans

Instead of: Blue jeans

Try: Black jeans

They add an instant hint of dressiness to any outfit – even if it’s jeans and a tee, you’ll look more polished if those jeans are black. Another reason to try black jeans? The price tag – and impeccable fit – on these.

Coated Jeans: The Answer To Looking Cute When It's Cold
Coated Jeans: The Answer To Looking Cute When It's Cold
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