Get To Know Dance Music Diva Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne is a fixture in the dance music scene and we were lucky enough to catch up with the star to talk about some of our favorite things (think fashion and beauty) as well as some of our least favorite things (like dieting and working out.) She delivers strong, sound advice on all these topics and we couldn’t wait to share some of her tips with you. Read on to get to know Erika Jayne a little bit better!

Tell us a little bit more about yourself – how did you get your start in the music industry?

Well, let’s see. I’ve been performing pretty much all my life and I love it so much. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seven No. 1 songs on the Billboard dance charts. I’ve been performing all around the states and I’m getting ready to go to Asia. That’s about it. I love my job!

What surprised you the most about the music industry and Hollywood? 

I think some people really don’t realize how much work really goes into being an artist. People don’t quite understand the level of commitment it takes to pull something like that off.

You went to a performing arts high school. Was it a huge transition for you to go from that academic performing arts background to making dance music?

No, no, no. You know, even though you’re studying classics or doing musical theatre, it’s the perfect training ground. You learn your strengths and weaknesses and all of that.

It seems like creating a specific image is such a huge part of being a pop artist these days. What are your fashion and beauty preferences?

I think the Erika Jayne style is like, all woman, all the time. It’s super sexy, it’s over-the-top. It’s curves, curves, curves, heels, heels, heels. That’s what I project but that’s not what everyone does.

You’re in LA so you don’t have to worry about weather too much – but when you’re traveling, how do you keep it sexy on a freezing cold day?

Listen, honey – you wear a great coat, you take it off and you have something hot on underneath there. I was just in Denver and it was so cold and then we went out and I was like ‘what do I wear?’ and I had on my coat but I wore something cute underneath. I got to the club and I tore off my coat and that was it.

Where do you like to shop and who are your favorite designers?

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to shop everywhere. I love all boutiques. My favorite designer is probably Alexander McQueen. It’s always cutting edge and I love that.

What about beauty? What’s your go-to routine? 

I think it’s important to hydrate. I think it’s always important to moisturize your skin, get an eye cream and get some sleep. Stay away from the liquor and cigarettes! Clean living.
Erika Jayne

Are there any specific products you love?

I swear by rose oil on the face. Any type of rose oil is calming, soothing and hydrating.

You have great hair. How do you maintain it?

I have a team of people who maintain this mane. I mean, there are so many treatments that go on this head. That’s what it takes if you want to keep your hair super healthy. You have to really take care of it.It’s not a wash and go, I’ll tell you that.

You’re from Atlanta originally. What are the biggest differences between LA and Atlanta?

Well, I miss the food and the Southern hospitality. I miss my family. Being from the South is a great thing. I just miss that good old Southern charm sometimes.

How has your style changed since you’ve been living in LA?

I think it’s a little bit more casual. LA is more laid-back so you can get away with a little bit less.

What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a career in entertainment? 

I think you have to make sure this is what you want above anything. You need to get good mentors and you need to hone your craft. Learn from the best and be prepared to be disappointed a lot.
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What are your top diet and fitness tips?

Stay away from dairy. Stay away from liquor – you know, basically anything you want.

How do you find the willpower to do all that?

I don’t! I break down all the time. That’s the reality – I want chocolate. But if you have a goal and you’re really committed then you have to have the discipline.
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