New Insurgent Trailer Leaves A Lot of Questions For Book Fans

Tris and her band of rebels are back in Insurgent, and after everything went down in Divergent she’s opted for a more hassle-free haircut and an impressive store of weapons. To avoid spoilers, let’s focus on the lesser details of the trailer. Like getting excited about a glimpse of Octavia Spencer as Johanna, the leader of all the hippies. And the fact that it’s once again a Shailene Woodley love interest reunion (I almost wish they’d cast her BF from The Secret Life of the American Teenager to make it complete). And does she have a back piercing? That just seems unsafe, with all the leaping and jumping on jagged surfaces, what if it gets caught on something? Ponder these important questions as you wait for the film’s March 20th release.


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