Kylie Jenner Reveals the Truth About Her Pregnancy

Soooo … Kylie Jenner was spotted going to the gynecologist the other day … and DUH, of course everyone jumped to conclusions and decided she must be pregnant. What else could a 17-year-old possibly be going to the gynecologist for?

The reality star has been linked to 24-year-old rapper Tyga, so we’re guessing if she was pregnant, he would be the Baby Daddy. But who knows, these are the Kardashian girls we’re talking about here.

Kylie usually keeps her mouth shut when it comes to rumors, but clearly this one really got under her skin, so she took to Twitter and set the record straight.

“I’m not getting married, & I’m not pregnant….” she wrote.

So there you have it folks. Kylie Jenner does NOT have a bun in the oven. Thank GOD.

This calls for a dance party celebration!



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