7 Ways Living in NYC is Like Being in College

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I thought when I graduated college and moved to the big city, I would be this fierce, independent adult. Turns out, it’s like I never left my freshman dorm.

1. Roommates

Rent is no joke-you’re probably going to need a roommate if you plan on living in the city. Instead of being paired with a random by the college, you scour Craigslist for someone who seems the least serial killer-esque or move in with a friend of a friend of your cousin who is also looking for a roomie. Those “bring a guy home from the club” nights are just as awkward as they were at school.

2. Cramped Quarters

Apartment buildings are eerily similar to dorms. You can hear everything your neighbors do and there’s not a lot of room. There’s nothing strange about having your coffee maker in your bathroom. Your parents question how someone can actually live there.

 3. Constant Distractions

Remember those times in college where you went to get lunch but ended up spending hours laughing with friends in the dining hall? New York is like that too. You’ll be on your way to meet a friend, but see a movie shooting on the street or a pop-up market that you can’t resist. You can always find something to do…even on days where you don’t really have time.

4. Awful Diet

Cooking in your tiny kitchen is quickly ruled out after your first trip to the grocery store, where you realize everything is three times the price it was at home. Although NYC has the best food in the world, your diet will be based on convenience and price. That means lots of take out and 99 cent pizza slices.

5. Laundry is Low Priority

Since dry cleaning is expensive and dragging all your dirty clothes across the street to the laundromat is a pain in the ass, you’ll be a little lazy when it comes to laundry. The classic “sniff test” makes a comeback and a little spray of Febreze can do wonders.

6. Zero Sleep

It used to be because you had to pull all nighters after weekend binges. Now it’s because you work 60 hours a week at a start-up, attempt to have some sort of social life, and your window faces a street where taxis particularly seem to enjoy honking their horns at 4 AM.

7. Empty Bank Account

…And any extra money that does come in goes straight to booze.
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