British Guy Uses Women on Tinder…But Not How You'd Expect

If you’re swiping away at work on Tinder, keep a look out for Daniel Beaumont. His profile reads like this:
“Daniel, 24
About Daniel:
Nomadic traveler of 2 years from Britain. Currently hitchhiking 20,000km across North America. Try to get there through the generosity of wonderful people. Need to reach New York City by early November.
Can you help me get there?”
daniel hitchhiking
The guy from from Cumbria, England came up with the idea to road trip while visiting Western Canada in spring of 2014. While he covered 5,000 miles on the first three months of his journey hitchhiking the old-fashioned way, he realized Tinder might come in handy. After all, it makes its matches based on proximity.
Daniel began swiping right on every profile he came across. He spent the next three months and 7,500 miles in 89 vehicles, arranged almost exclusively through Tinder. And yes, he did meet his goal of reaching NYC by November.
daniel nyc
Daniel is back in England now, but he hasn’t forgotten about his incredible journey. He started Podstel, a “CrowdSourced Hostel for Creative Nomads.” The site encourages travelers to connect and help each other while they are exploring by sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources.
Hats off, Daniel! Not only did you get to explore the United States and Canada, but you probably had some great times and made some new friends along the way. Actually…Southern California sounds pretty great right now. Better start swiping.
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