The 5 Best Places To Score Statement Jewelry

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‘I have too much jewelry’ – said no woman ever.
‘I have too much money’ – said no college student ever.
The conclusion we reach based on these two statements? Cheapie jewelry is a very, very good thing when you’re a college student. You’re likely venturing out to divey bars and crowded parties on a regular basis, prime opportunities to lose your accessories, so you don’t want to be too precious about your baubles. Keep them costume but never tacky by scouring these retailers for great finds. They’re my favorite places to look when I need a little sparkle that doesn’t break the bank.

1. Bauble Bar

bauble bar statement jewelry
This site is entirely devoted to selling seriously affordable costume jewelry so you know it’s going to be good. The pieces are unabashedly sparkly, super colorful and statement-making. I routinely fall in love with so many things on Bauble Bar’s web site and the frequent promotions they run make it easy to save even more on your purchase. There’s one caveat though: The quality of these pieces are not always great. There is definitely a good chance that something you buy from here will break. Soon. I guess the saying is true: You get what you pay for. With that being said, my favorite statement necklace comes from this site.
Top picks: This massive and amazing necklace; these earrings; this bracelet set.

2. Francesca’s

francesca's statement jewelry
I have never been a fan of the clothes at this store but I will admit: They have some cute jewelry. The pricing is fantastic and they sell pieces that are exactly the sort of thing college girls love – bright, colorful and capable of making a simple outfit more interesting. It’s definitely a good place to look if you’re after something you can wear a few times and part with without too much sadness if it happens to snap right off in the middle of a rager.
Top picks: this simple necklace; these simple stud earrings; this midi ring

3. Anthropologie

anthropologie statement jewelry
It’s on the pricier end as far as cheapie costume jewelry goes, but Anthropologie’s accessories are just gorgeous. They have that super pretty flapper-era glamour to them, all ornate embellishments and delicate sparkles. If you’re looking to invest in a few incredible costume pieces, this is a really great place to look. The selection is pretty incredible as well and you can rest assured that your pieces from here will be of decent quality (hence the price tag.) The best part of these jewels? They’re far more original than so many other costume pieces on the market.
Top picks: This dramatic necklace; this feathered necklace; this pair of earrings.

4. Nordstrom

nordstrom statement jewelry
If you a large selection of costume jewelry at various prices, in many different styles is what you’re after, Nordstrom is your best bet. The massive chain stocks items from so many different brands so you’re bound to find something you like. The best part about shopping at Nordstrom, though, has to do with the store’s amazing return policy. If the jewelry you buy happens to break (as they so often do) you’re covered – simply take it back to the store for a refund.
Top picks:  Um…everything?

5. J. Crew

j crew statement jewelry
Again, the pricing isn’t quite as low as what you’ll find at other stores….but you can often find a great sale at J. Crew. The pieces are worth it, too, at least IMHO. They are good quality and they’re more delicate and refined looking than what you’ll find at more affordable stores – less tacky, more classy.  Look out for promotions and sales and snag them at a discounted price.
Top picks: This pricey but stunning pair of earrings; this pretty bracelet; this bangle.

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