7 Instagram Pictures You're Probably Going To Post This Holiday Season

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree - New York, NY

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but according to your Instagram, you’re loving the holiday season! Here are seven pictures that will be all over your feed this month. Be honest…you’ve already posted half of these.

1. “Admire My Decorations!”

After decorating the tree, lighting the Menorah, or hanging the stockings by the chimney with care, the temptation to snap a picture is almost irresistible. You put the effort into decorating and everyone should know it!

2. “Snowed In!” 

Maybe it’s not really snowing and you just don’t feel like leaving the house, but don’t be surprised when your Instagram is filled with pictures of friend’s coffee mugs filled with hot chocolate and a caption about being cozy indoors.

3.”Check Out My Christmas Outfit!”

Whether it’s an ugly sweater, footie pajamas, or the perfect party dress, you have to show off your ensemble. It’s pretty much a waste if not everyone you know sees it anyway.

4. “Bundled Up Selfie!”

bundled up selfie
There you are *freezing* so of course your first thought it, ‘I should capture this moment!’ #SoCold

5. “Doing Winter Activities With Friends!”

ice skating
The number one way to make ourselves feel better about the lack of Vitamin D is getting likes. Whether you and your pals go ice skating, see carolers, or build a snowman, you’ll have to show everyone how much fun you’re having.

6. “Family!”

Since the holidays are a time to be with your loved ones, you’ll definitely want to feature mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and the whole crew on your Insta. Adorable.

7. “Look At My Awesome Present!”

christmas gift car
Santa came through! It’s okay to post a pic and brag a bit about your favorite gift. Everyone else is doing it too.
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