Five Things To Get Excited About Online Today

Introducing our new daily round-up of things you need to see in your internet travels. All links are well worth the click.
These tiny British children are adorably grateful (or just really into produce).
Meg Cabot is releasing a new Princess Diaries book on June 2nd, following Mia’s wedding (to Michael of course, defiantly not Chris Pine) and the first except is on Cosmo right now.
The entire Into the Woods movie soundtrack is up on Spotify, and though minor lyrical changes will get under the skin of some theater kids, Meryl Streep is incredible (of course), Anna Kendrick is great, and Chris Pine is surprisingly good.
Taylor Swift has her own museum exhibit. Ponder the merits of such a display, or just enjoy the pictures.
Kelly Clarkson’s daughter is adorable.
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