17 Stages of Getting Over a Break-Up

getting over a break up
Break-ups suck. Even if you’ve been fighting non-stop, even if you know he’s not the one, breaking up is just the worst. Nothing ruins a Saturday night like a good, never-ending sob fest.
Here’s how it typically goes…

You finally decide to call it quits and your world is OVER.


You go to your car and you can’t even start the engine because life is too hard.

life's hard

Your friends give you great advice and you pretend to agree with it.

heidi montag

You start checking his Facebook approximately every 5 minutes.

checking phone

Eventually he changes his status to “single” and you can’t BELIEVE he would do this to you.


And you’re like screw THIS.

whatever clueless

You are SO done.

taylor swift done

And you suddenly get really excited to go out and be single.

break up girl

You try on a dress two sizes too small and you’re like:

slut gif

You practice your death stare in the mirror … in case you run into him.

lauren conrad side eye

And you talk a big game if you happen to see him talking to another girl.

jersey shore gif fight

Then you rely on alcohol therapy.

alcohol therapy

So you go out and then this happens.

white girl wasted gif

To any guy you see, you’re like:

christina aguilera gif the voice

And you’re straight to the point:

 break up

Then you see your ex.

breaking up

And you realize you’re not ready for this shit yet.

getting over a breakup
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