11 Adorable Watches You Need This Christmas

What were you going to ask for for this Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday season? Money? How did I know?! We’re hitting that age where we would rather have money in order to pay for the necessities. However, most of us still have those relatives or friends that want to actually give you something real. Here’s an idea: if you don’t own a watch yet, or don’t wear it regularly because you don’t like it, ask for a on.
Why, you ask? – Because it’s going to be your new favorite thing to wear, the perfect statement accessory, and new best friend.

~Puts watch on~

“Wow, you are just so put together!” Hell yeah, I am. I wear a watch, people. I’m on top of my shit, and I’m damn successful. I’m not kidding when I say it immediately makes you look more professional.
Watches also keep you off your phone. If you’re in a situation where it would be rude to look at your phone, the time is right on your wrist. Professional AND polite.
You’ll find yourself actually conscious of the time, and you’ll develop a better sense of time-management. Which is something we could all use (as I’m writing this, and I have a final exam in a few hours).
A watch will make it look like you put the effort to get ready in the morning. It’s the best immediate accessory. You roll out of bed, and BOOM – Um, yes, I tried to look sophisticated today. Oh, wait… it must just be my watch.
And finally…


So, now is the time to start scouring Pinterest, Etsy, and Amazon, ladies. Your grandmother will be so happy to buy you a nice watch because she’s sick of “not giving you something you’ll have forever.” With a new year and a new watch, say hello to a new woman.
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