Here's That Other Video Kim Kardashian Doesn't Want You to See

kim kardashian jam music video
I don’t know if you guys know this but … Kim Kardashian has a sex tape. It happened back in 2007 and she sold the rights for like, a billion dollar or something. It’s crazy. She’s still really ashamed of it, but whatevz … she’s rich as hell now, right? Oh … you already knew about that tape? My bad.
Perhaps it’s this tape that Kim is wishing would vanish from the internet — her music video for her one and only song, ‘Jam’ that she shot back in 2011. Maybe it’s the awful lyrics, or the cheesy laser lights, or I don’t know. This video is just plain embarrassing. Not so much for a normal person, but for Kim Kardashian, who refuses to let the world see her looking anything less than perfect.
Not to mention, there’s a slow motion butt-shot (because duh) and her derrière is looking about 5 sizes smaller than it does today. But no plastic surgery, eh? What’s up with that?
kim kardashian jam
Take a look at the music video here — and you’re welcome.
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