21 Sober Birthday Celebration Ideas

1. Go bowling.

2. Get a group together and do laser tag.

3. Take a trapeze class with friends.

4. Take an outdoor hike.

5. Go to your favorite restaurant.

6. Plan a spa day complete with massage, manicure, and pedicure.

7. Have a shopping spree.

8. See a Broadway show.

9. Take a painting or ceramics class.

10. Attend a concert.

11. Go to the beach.

12. Take a tour of a museum or historical site.

13. Invite friends from home to visit you at college.

14. …Or bring a few college friends home for the weekend.

15. Go to an amusement park.

16. Take a cooking class.

17. Have an old school sleepover.

18. Take a dance class.

19. Go to a professional sporting event.

20. Visit a zoo or aquarium.

21. …Or simply relax and do nothing at all!

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