The Best Beauty Books On The Market

You can find beauty tips and advice in so many places: From your mom, your friends, the Internet, the staff at your local Sephora, a magazine….but despite all this, nothing can replace a good old fashioned beauty-centric book. These aren’t just full of incredible tips and tricks to coax every single ounce of your beauty to the surface, they also serve as great inspiration for new looks for you to try. Everything is displayed in such a beautiful way, on thick, sturdy paper and you’ll likely find something you unexpectedly love and decide to try. You’ll find totally unexpected tips you never even knew you needed – the things you’d never seek out, but when you see them, you realize how brilliant they are. The fact that these books double as coffee table decor isn’t bad either.

We swear by these reads. They’re every bit as ‘beauty-full’ as a beauty-themed book ought to be.

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