7 Creative Ways to Make Money While You're Still at School

Balancing class, clubs, and a social life isn’t easy…sometimes you hardly have time to sleep in college! Just one problem—you can’t stomach another bowl of Ramen and your bank account balance is $15.66.
While getting a job on campus or a part-time waitressing gig near school helps tons of students pay the tuition, there are tons of other ways to make a little money on your own schedule.

1. Babysitting

Signing up for Care.com was a genius move for me in college. I found a few different families in the area for which I babysat with consistent hours each week. Some families would call me periodically asking if I was available for a date night, and I could say no if I already had plans. You can work out with the family things like driving or cooking depending on what you feel comfortable doing. Care.com also allows you to look for people who need housekeeping, pet sitting, and other services you can easily do.

2. Sell Your Old Stuff

Admit it—you have clothes you haven’t worn in years or furniture just taking up space. Get your housemates together and have a yard sale one weekend! It’s a quick way to make a few bucks while cleaning up your junk. Online is also a good option. Craigslist is used by over 40 million people every month looking to buy and sell almost anything. Set a price for your old art, musical equipment, or anything else you are trying to get rid of!

3. Start Your Own Part-Time Business

Take something you’re good at and make a small business out of it. Skills like proofreading papers or repairing computers can make some nice cash from other students. How about cleaning dorms and bathrooms for a few bucks? People don’t want to do it themselves!

4. Sign Up for Tests on Campus

Oftentimes psychology students look for participants in their studies. For taking a survey, being interviewed, or performing a task, you’ll be compensated for your time. Check your school’s website or ask a friend in the psych department if they know of any opportunities.

5. Tutor

Most schools have tutoring programs. Oftentimes you can make your own hours and get paid around $10 an hour! Even if your school doesn’t have a program in place, let younger students know what majors you can help them in. You took the classes and can help others understand the material.

6. Start a YouTube Channel or Blog

Having a big presence on the Internet can translate into big bucks. Companies will pay you to have advertisements on your video or blog, and you can also ask companies if you can get paid for having a positive product review. Blogger and WordPress are two of the best websites to get you started.

7. Sell Stock Photography

Like taking pictures? Not only can you build your portfolio, but you can sell your photos to websites or companies who will pay you every time someone uses your picture to use in an advertisement or article. Check out istockphoto.com for more information!
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