Winter Break: Expectations vs. Reality

A whole month off! You’ll get some school work done, spend some lovely time with you family, catch up with your friends from home… Well, in theory. As wonderful as having a break from the library and all-nighters is, winter break never quite goes as planned.


Expectation: Your mom will be so excited to have you home that she will make you home cooked meals every night, do your laundry, and clean up after you.

Reality: You’ve only been home a few hours before your mom is on your case about your clothes being all over the ground and your wine glasses being left all over the house.

mom needs to calm down


Expectation: Seeing your family at the holidays will be so nice and you’ll brag about how great college is.

Reality: All your family does is give you advice about internships and ask if you have a boyfriend yet.

ryan reynolds annoyed


Expectation: When it snows, you’ll meet up with friends to go sledding and drink hot chocolate.

Reality: When it snows, you’ll refuse to get out of your pajamas and complain how cold it is all day while battling with your family for control of the remote.

friends inside good outside bad


Expectation: You will spend some time getting ahead on school work and even read a couple books for fun.

Reality: Netflix.

new girl tv all day


Expectation: You’ll get caught up on sleep.

Reality: You still stay up until 3 AM for absolutely no reason.

boo sleep monsters inc


Expectation: You’re so excited to have absolutely no plans and just relax.

Reality: You’re so incredibly bored that you agree to meet up with high school friends who you had no interest in seeing ever again and spend the whole time out wishing you were back in bed.

emma stone bored


Expectation: After the New Year, you’ll go to the gym and start eating healthier.

Reality: The only exercise you do is walking from the couch to the Costco-stocked fridge and back.

no cardio pitch perfect


Expectation: You will definitely wear all the clothes you brought home.

Reality: You barely change out of sweatpants, but at least your mom could throw everything in the wash.

sweatpants everyday


Expectation: That hot guy from your high school class will run into you, realize what he’s been missing, and fall madly in love with you.

Reality: When you see high school hottie, you realize he’s turned into that blacked out mess that lives on your dorm floor and laugh to yourself thinking, “Thank you sweet baby Jesus for showing me there’s so much better out there.”

jimmy fallon ew


Expectation: You will get to see all your besties from high school.

Reality: Coordinating a time to get together is so difficult you only see your girls once or twice.

no friends


Expectation: You won’t be able to wait another second to get back to school.

Reality: You have you bags packed and ready to go a week before it’s time to get back to campus.

kristen bell excited


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