Fuchsia Lipstick: Because Who Says You Can’t Go Bright This Season?

If you’re someone who has a major issue with the general color palette of winter, one that includes admittedly drab colors like olive, gray and beige, get ready for this. There is a very easy way to add a bit of brightness to even the most dull winter looks: by going with a fuchsia lip.

While we love the shades you traditionally think of when you think winter lipstick (like burgundy, red and mauve), we also can’t help but think fuchsia is the perfect shade for this time of year. It has some distinct purple tones to it and it has serious depth. It’s super bright but unlike more summery colors (like baby pink and coral) it has enough weight to stand up to the clothes you’ll probably be wearing this season. So what are you waiting for? Go out and treat yourself to a nice fuchsia lipstick this season!

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