An Honest New Year’s Eve Party: “Is Every Girl Here Wearing Something From Express?”

new year's eve party real

I hate to break it to you, but every New Year’s Eve party is exactly the same, no matter how high your hopes are. Sure, there’s always the possibility that you could have the NYE kiss of a lifetime or drink an exorbitant amount without your acid reflux acting up, but it’s unlikely.

This honest┬áNew Year’s Eve video, brought to you by Soren & Jolles┬áis way too real.

Pro tip: you’ll never get your festive hat off casually. Best to wait until your hostess is beyond intoxicated and trash it before it can make its way into too many Instagram photos. Even a filter won’t make that look like an actual tiara.

“Is every girl here wearing something from Express?” is a thought you’ve had at every New Year’s Eve party since you were old enough to put on spandex and sequins. As long as you don’t kiss the “self-appointed hype man” at midnight, you’re golden.

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