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9 Reasons Your Dog Is Excited That You’re Home For Winter Break


college winter break

They say that dog is man’s best friend. And while your parents and two-legged friends may have moved on from the novelty of having you home for the holidays, your best friend certainly hasn’t. Here are the 9 reasons your dog is more excited than anyone else that you’re finally home for winter break.

1. Your 2 a.m pizza orders

Home for Winter Break

Because no one else in the family gets drunk on cheap red wine and decides they absolutely need Dominos. Your dog benefits when some of this delicious cheesy goodness inevitably makes it to the floor and in to their waiting embrace.

 2. Your airport arrival

Home for Winter Break

You haven’t witnessed true joy until you’ve seen a dog pick up their college-aged owner from the airport. This reunion is guaranteed to melt your heart, even if you did just spend 4 hours on a plane behind a couple making out and in front of a seat-kicking baby.

3. Your messy room

Home for Winter Break

Your mom may yell at you for the unpacked suitcase or clothes strewn on the floor but your dog sees the perfect hiding spot for their best toy or favorite bone. They thank you for your inability to put your million and one free t-shirts in actual drawers.

4. Your puppy obsession

Home for Winter Break

After being deprived of puppy affection for months on end, no one thinks that your dog’s every move (barking and shedding included) is as adorable as you do. They’ll appreciate the constant adoration.

5. Your lack of friends

Home for Winter Break

There’s no need for human interaction when you have a furry friend (according to your dog at least). Your puppy greatly appreciates that the list of people you can tolerate from high school has significantly dwindled—giving you more time to hang out with them.

6. Your abundance of free-time

Home for Winter Break

Unlike your parents who have actual jobs and responsibilities, you’re at your dog’s beck and call. Belly rub? Outing to the dog park? You can surely take time away from an important afternoon of E! True Hollywood Story to give your dog their best day ever.

7. Your car

Home for Winter Break

On a similar note, you’re so excited to finally be driving again after months of feeling like a 15-year-old without a license—even if it does mean acting as a chauffeur for your dog and their friends.

8. Your Netflix addiction

Home for Winter Break

There is no better snuggle buddy than someone who is too immersed in binge-watching Gilmore Girls to move for hours on end.

9. Your unending love

Home for Winter Break

As much as you miss your parents, your friends and your bed, there’s nothing you miss as much as your puppy. Your dog is eternally grateful for all the hugs, snuggles and extra treats that this love brings.

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