5 Ways to Dress Up Cheap Drinks for New Year's Eve

Because most of us have already spent the vast majority of our December dropping dollars on holiday gifts, dinners out with friends and the countless takeout orders (and bottles of cheap wine) that it took to get us through finals, we’re not looking to break the bank on New Year’s Eve.
Once New Year’s Eve rolls around, not only do we have to find someone to kiss, but we’re also left feeling the pressure to concoct celebratory cocktails that don’t taste like paint thinner. So instead of stressing about buying expensive alcohol for your NYE celebration, check out this list for 5 cost effective ways to throw a memorable party on a budget.

1. Make a champagne cocktail with bitters and sugar cubes

New Year's Eve Drinks
It doesn’t matter if Andre is the only alcohol your budget will allow, these cost-conscious additions will class up the ultimate frat-boy champagne. Instead of swigging your $7 bubbly from the bottle, try pouring it into classy flutes and adding some peach bitters, a sugar cube and a raspberry or two for a classy cocktail.

2. Use pomegranate seeds to add festive flair

New Year's Eve Drinks
Not only do pomegranates have untold health benefits (that I’m pretty unqualified to explain), they make any glass of champagne seem instantly festive. Drop a couple into the bottom of a champagne flute and top with whatever bubbly has the best fancy-sounding name to price ratio.

3. Serve your drinks in cute glasses

New Year's Eve Drinks
Instead of serving your drinks in solo cups or mugs you stole/permanently borrowed from your school’s dining hall, try classing it up a bit with cute glasses like these. Adorable Lily wine glasses are a much more cost-effective spurge than an expensive bottle that will be nothing but a memory as fast as your latest new year’s resolution.

4. Craft festive drink tags

New Year's Eve Drinks
In this case, presentation is everything. It doesn’t matter if your cocktail is made with the cheapest vodka you can find and tropical Kool-Aid (not a recommendation, that sounds disgusting), a cute and festive name will instantly make your cocktail seem NYE-worthy. Bonus points if you come up with a hashtag for your drink.

5. Get cute & colorful with ‘gram worthy sangria

New Year's Eve Drinks
It doesn’t matter if you had to scour the drug store for the cheapest ingredients, all you need is some fresh fruit (which you can then eat and consider yourself a health nut) for this cocktail to be absolutely delicious. Check out this super easy recipe to add some Spanish flair to your New Year’s festivities.

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