John Mayer Got Way Too Smooth on Instagram

Apparently John Mayer’s New Year’s resolution is to become a poorly rendered CGI human. The singer has obviously not mastered Photoshop (or, you know, looking at a photo and judging your ineptitude with Photoshop has made it unpostable) because this Monday he posted a picture featuring himself and College Humor’s┬áRicky Van Veen so retouched the poor men almost lost their noses.
While some sites and fans are speculating the botched Photoshop job was done on purpose as a joke or meaningful artistic statement (you know, really his wheelhouse), there also lies the possibility that Mayer just really wants his fans to think of him as a smooth skinned, semi noseless guy. Maybe near-noselessness will be the biggest Instagram trend of 2015. We stand on the edge of a new year people, anything could happen.
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