5 Simple Tips to Have the Best NYE (Without Stress)

New Year’s Eve can be literally the worst holiday of the year. Planning, finding an outfit, having to put on heels and stay out past 8pm—in the winter. I get it. But this year I set out to have the least stressful New Year’s Eve possible.
Here are 5 tips to do the same:

1. Make a Plan.

new years eve 2014

That’s it! Decide what to do, and do it. Don’t be detoured by all those “well maybe we can…” or “but there’s this other party…” No. Once you have a good idea and a couple friends behind you, commit.

2. Borrow a Dress.


We’ve all seen a few New Year’s Eves in our time—I guarantee you at least one of your friends has a dress you can recycle. No need to splurge after you’ve spent all that money over Christmas (unless you really want to!). Your friends’ closets are more bountiful than you realize.

3. Get Ready with Friends.

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Again, no need to buy that new sparkle eye shadow or a new curling wand or whatever will make you your most beautiful—share! Have your friends over and have everyone bring their best makeup and hair products. Bring some champagne and it’s the best way to get ready anyways, if you ask me.

4. Pregame.

new years eve pregame

Most bars on NYE do those all-inclusive specials. The bars get packed, it’s hard to get drinks, and you don’t want to be walking back and forth in those heels. Plan a calm pre-game party near the bar you’re going to dance at all night. Pop some cheap champagne, and just enjoy your friends before venturing out to that crowded bar. You’ll get a perfect buzz on, and you’ll eliminate the total rush to get to the bar every second of the night. Do I sound like an alcoholic?

5. Be With Good People.

new years resolution

This may seem obvious, but I know I have spent too many New Years with people I don’t like because that’s how the night panned out. Whether you stay in and drink champagne and watch Golden Girls or you get dolled up and go all out this year—make sure you are with the right people. The last night of 2014 has to have some indication of how you will spend 2015—so make it count.

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