10 Trends To Leave Behind In 2014

2014 was quite the year. There were several very depressing celebrity deaths, many adorable celebrity births, and of course, far too many celebrity phone hacks and photo leaks. Through the hot and cold trends of the year, here are 10 trends I’m hopeful we can leave behind in 2014 (and never see again):

1. Ombre Hair

ombre hair

I’m talking really extreme/crazy/it looks like you dipped half your head in blond highlights. It’s just too trendy.

2. Kim Kardashian Being Naked All The Time

 2014 trends
In fear of re-opening the Paper discussion, I just hope I’m not flooded with these images for the next 12 months. Let’s leave this right where we found it — 2014.

3. Miley Cyrus (And Her Tongue)

miley cyrus tongue out

She seems to be fading pretty quickly already, so I feel confident her days of hanging her tongue out like a dog in front of a packed theater may be coming to a close—but you can never be too safe.

4. Frozen fanaticism

let it go
And this is coming from someone who LOVES Frozen. Let me enjoy it ironically and in peace, not with the mainstream pop culture, please.

5. Celebrity Photo Leaks

celebrity photo leaks
2014 saw far too many celebrities being hacked, and then slut shamed for what the hackers found. It may be too much to hope humanity grows and moves away from this particular behavior in the next year, but at the very least, I hope there are less of these instances.

6. BAE


To be honest with you, I still don’t understand exactly what BAE stands for. I’m sure that says I am very old and very unhip—but seriously, can we just say babe?

7. Or Nah

kanye you mad or nah

Or Nah WHAT? Is this out of laziness? Why is this okay to say in a business setting? Why are we saying this ever? I cannot.

8. Flash Tattoos.

flash tattoos
Mostly because people just wear way too many of them. And mostly because I never bought any and now I think it’s too late. So let’s just leave these right in 2014, shall we?

9. Contour Obsessing.

kim k contour

It’s cool enough, but I can’t be expected to spend this much time on my face every single morning. Also, it looks a little uncomfortable. Let’s all just relax about contouring in 2015.

10. Pointy Nails.

pointy nails
These nails scare me. Like, a lot. I hope 2015 is the year of the regular nail, because those are beautiful too. And there’s enough to be scared of as is!
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