10 Dogs in Sweaters Who Can't Even With Winter

The holidays are winding down, but winter is just beginning. Now’s the time when the true fun of hibernation, Netflix binging, cocoa drinking, snow shoveling fun begins. And by fun I mean no fun at all because winter is the absolute worst.
To get over the hump of realizing we have over two whole months of Winter left, here are some adorable pictures of puppies in jackets. If they can stay warm, we can too.
I bet these dogs get pretty tired of people not being able to tell them apart.
This sweater hat combo just works on this pup.
I want this outfit. I’m serious.
Just look at that little nugget frolicking through the snow with his little boots!
Guess who misses summer?
That fur collar though.
This guy can’t even with the sweater and the no snow.
This sweater is definitely more of a look at how cute I am sweater than a keep warm sweater– but I can’t hate.
I wish every day to be as cozy as this guy looks.
I think this dog forgot how to dog.

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