The 5 Biggest Skincare Mistakes College Girls Make

College girls know a lot about a lot of things: How to execute the perfect keg stand while wearing a dress, how to sleep in until 10 minutes before lecture and still manage to make it on time, how to never go to class and still ace the exams – but we could all stand to learn a thing or two about taking care of ourselves. In my experience, college women these days are really equipped when it comes to the fun parts of beauty. They can apply flawless smokey eyes and use bronzer like nobody’s business…but sometimes they end up neglecting the basics. College girls often forgo those essential (yet sort of tedious) skincare rituals simply because they have the luxury of age of their sides – but take it from someone who learned real fast that the skin you have at 19 ain’t promised forever: Taking amazing care of your skin is so important and you need to stay ahead of the curve. Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? If so, don’t fret: It’s definitely not too late to make some changes to your skincare routine that will ensure your skin stays gorgeous even as you age.

1. Not thinking about eye cream

2. Only wearing SPF in the summer

3. Not paying attention to your skin type

4. Not washing your face before bed

5. Not understanding the purpose of a good toner

Toners remove what cleansers leave behind and depending on what type of skin you have and which toner you select, it can do anything from shrink your pores to add additional moisture to your face. Toner can make a major difference to you your skin and if you’re interested in trying one out, stay tuned: We’ll be bringing you more info on specific types of toners very soon.