10 Things You Should Absolutely Take Advantage of on Winter Break

College is fantastic, but the perks that come with winter break are undeniable. A month off to relax and unwind is so necessary…in fact, can we make this a law for working folk too? Enjoy every part of winter break, especially these, and you’ll almost be hesitant to go back to school for the spring semester…almost.

1. Not having to wait for a washing machine and dryer.

paris hilton laundryThat asshole who always throws your clothes out of the dryer so he can use it has no power here!

2. Your mom’s home-cooked meals.

full house eatingOne good dinner is ten times better than an all-you-can-eat dining hall.

3. Drinking your parent’s nice liquor.

liquorIt’s a safe bet that your home fridge isn’t stocked with Natty Ice and Franzia.

4. Not having to use your school’s crappy gym.

real housewivesAKA not having to worry about looking like a sweaty mess in front of everyone you know while you work out.

5. Your bed.

bedNo twin size mattress that has been used by numerous people over the years. Just your big, comfy, perfect bed.

6. Taking baths.

bath julia robertsLight a few candles and just relax instead of trying to shower in the communal bathrooms.

7. Driving your car around town.

singing in the car Bet you didn’t even realize how much you missed your car and singing along to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack without judgement.

8. Hanging out with your pets.

dog stroking man's headIf colleges let you bring your pets, no one would ever leave.

9. Alone time.

i adore my own companyNo roommates. No struggling to find a private study area. No feeling awkward about eating alone.


happy no homeworkAn entire month free from studying, papers, and projects.
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