30 Things You Need to Throw Out Yesterday

If you’re like me, your room is filled with little knick-knacks, papers, clothes, and straight up junk that you haven’t actually used in years. You probably hardly even know it’s there. Instead of telling yourself, “I might need it someday,” it’s time to part with these items. Start 2015 by de-cluttering. You won’t even notice these things are gone.

1. Old magazines with Josh Hartnett on the cover

2. Earrings that have lost their partner

3. Ticket stubs

4. Receipts you don’t need

5. Old toiletries you stole from hotels

6. Clothes you haven’t worn in over two years

7. Extra buttons

8. Dried-up nail polish

9. Rusty jewelry

10. Any jewelry from Claire’s

11. Your old flip phone and IPod Mini that doesn’t work

12. Purses from way too many seasons ago

13. Invites and save-the-dates without sentimental value

14. Unimportant math homework from your childhood

15. XXL T-shirts that you got for free anyway

16. Planners from 5 years ago

17. Stationary with Lisa Frank on it

18. Summer reading books you (sort of) read and hated

19. Doodle-filled notebooks

20. Obsolete CD’s

21. Pens that don’t work

22. Empty photo frames

23. Freebies like coffee mugs, koozies, and pins that you never use

24. Cards from your exes

25. Empty gift cards

26. The 200 empty water bottles under your bed

27. Your “art project” that will honestly never see completion

28. Participation trophies from middle school sports

29. Magazine and newspaper clippings that just sit in a box

30. Pretty much whatever is in your designated “junk drawer.”

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