How to Deal With Post-Holiday Depression

The presents are unwrapped, the carols have been sung, and the candles have been blown out. You’ve attended the parties and put the cutest pictures on Instagram. Now what? Post-holiday depression is a real thing that will leave you feeling empty and sad.

I wish at this point we could just fast forward to summer because what’s good about January through April except celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Returning to our boring routines is tough, but we’ll get through this together. Here’s how.

Embrace the Calm

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The holidays can be a little overwhelming – you’re stressed about buying presents, making it to the parties, and getting your work done on top of it all. Instead of feeling bored, enjoy that you don’t have a lot on the schedule. Now is the time to read that book, binge-watch that show, or start your scrapbook.

Hit the Gym

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Unless you’re some sort of mutant, you probably gained a few pounds over the holidays given all the yummy food and excessive drinking. The gym might seem like a scary place that will be swarmed with resolution-makers, but they’ll fade out fast. Take a class or walk on the treadmill while Modern Family is on. If you did not put on any weight, I hate you, but it doesn’t hurt to get moving while you have some down time during break.

Make Plans

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During the holidays, your social calendar is full and you’re constantly around friends. Instead of complaining that there’s nothing to do during the January lull, get some friends together. Go ice skating, see a movie, or make dinner together. You might have to be a little more creative, but there are still tons of fun activities to get you through the winter…like wine drinking.

Out With the Old

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Why wait until spring for some cleaning up? Start the new year by ditching the negative things in your life. Whether it’s clutter in your room, letters from an ex-boyfriend you need to get over, or toxic friends, get rid of it. Having a clean slate will feel awesome.

Do Something New


Make this the year where you actually did something! Volunteer, learn how to play the guitar, or join a recreational sports league. Putting yourself out there and having something to look forward to will definitely ward off the blues.


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