25 Skills Recent Grads Have That Don’t Go On a Job Resume

Young twenty-somethings learned a lot in college…both in class and outside it. As you apply for jobs, you will quickly realize many of your skills don’t overlap with what employers are looking for. If you find a job with these qualifications, let us know.

1. Ability to find the guy/girl you were talking to at the bar on Facebook knowing only their first name and one other small detail.

2. Excellent knowledge of the happy hour specials at every bar within a 10 mile radius.

3. Skilled in the art of photobombing.

4. Able to take the perfect Snapchat selfie.

5. Can open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew and a beer without a bottle opener.

6.  Experience crafting the perfect flirty, but not too eager, text.

7.  Talent for putting together an outfit for any theme party in just a few hours and one trip to GoodWill.

8.  Extremely accurate gaydar.

9.  Ability to quote entire movies such as Mean Girls and Anchorman.

10. Strong familiarity with Buzzfeed articles.

11. Capability to choose the perfect filter for every photo on Instagram.

12. Trivia Crack expert.

13. Can beat the “Estimated Time of Arrival” on the GPS to any destination.

14. Proficient at bullshitting.

15. Knack for making meals using only a microwave.

16. Team player (especially at beer pong, flip cup, quarters, etc.).

17. Can make the perfect playlist for any mood.

18. Professional Tinder swiper.

19. Excellent understanding of acronyms.

20. Master of hiding a hangover.

21. Gifted in selecting the perfect song at karaoke night.

22. Meticulous planner of when to nap so you have enough energy to go out later.

23. Skilled in sinking objects in trash cans from far away.

24. Trained in drunk dancing.

25. Master of creating a decent-tasting mixed drink from whatever you can find in the fridge.

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