Everything We Hope Will Happen On Tonight's Pretty Little Liars Episode

Pretty Little liars
If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the hotly anticipated return of Pretty Little Liars and aren’t afraid to admit it….join the club. Here at CC, we love a good teen-centric drama and PLL might be the most addictive show in this genre since The OC. 
But let’s just say it: As much as we love the creeptastic town of Rosewood and all its preternaturally attractive residents, (oh hey, Noel Kahn) the fact remains: This show has the power to seriously frustrate us. I mean, I know I can’t be the only person who spends the better part of most Wednesday mornings frantically googling ‘PLL A theories.’
With that being said, we have really high hopes for this season. If nothing else, we’re presumably taking steps to learning the answers to our most burning questions – and while we’ll be tuning in one way or another, there are a few things we’re hoping the show’s triumphant return will bring. Here are a few thing we hope will happen. Warning: some spoilers appear below.

1. The heat to turn on one of the liars

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We’ve been hearing theories that one of the four main characters will end up being ‘Big A.’ Most of the theories revolve around Aria being the mastermind behind it all and personally? I don’t hate that idea at all and I think they should at least drop a few clues that one of the girls might be hiding something. I mean, it would certainly be more climatic than the series pointing out some random minor character as the ultimate villain. Which brings me to my next point….

2. No more new characters

Rosewood High seems to get a new student every week and nine times out of ten, this new student is shady AF. I don’t know about most viewers, but I personally have a hard time caring about Sydney/Shana/those weird twins. I want the focus to be back on the OG characters – I mean, even Jenna would be better than all these rookies. And bring back Noel Kahn already.

3. More ridiculous outfits

Because duh. What happened to Aria’s single feather earring?

4. Alison’s dark side to come out

ali pll
Sure, we’ve seen plenty of evidence to indicate that Ali is manipulative and bitchy – but are we truly creeped out by her yet? I’m going to say no. I would love to see little clues that indicate that this girl is completely twisted and deranged. Of course, we can’t get too much too soon but little moments of crazy Ali would be pretty great.

5. Some relationship drama

Right now it seems like all the liars are in blissful, happy relationships. Yawn. Remember how tense things got when we suspected Ezra? We need more personal conflict like that. ABC Family needs to take a cue from The CW and throw a cheating scandal or two into the mix.

6. The twin theory needs to just happen already

pll twins
By now we’ve all heard about the twin theory and if the show takes its cues from the books, that just might mean someone has a long-lost dopple packed away. We’ve seen plenty of hints that this will happen and we’re definitely ready for the big reveal at this point. I’m definitely on board with Alison having a twin but I also have a feeling that this other half might belong to different character…

7. More clues about Bethany Young

Seriously, if you’re going to tell us that some girl we’ve never heard of has been in Ali’s grave this whole time, you better make it good. And speaking of graves, the final things we want to see is…

8. More Mona flashbacks

mona pll
Oh, Janel Parrish. You’re just so fabulous. I miss you. Mona’s whip-smart character flip-flopped between good and evil plenty of times throughout her run on the show…..but after her death, it was all love for the original A team member. Audiences clearly want to see more of her and we all definitely want to know more about what her final moments were like. I hope we’ll get some insight sooner rather than later.
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